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The H.R. Kirkland Company Inc. also manufactures custom control panels. Since 1930, the H.R. Kirkland Co Inc. has been providing panels initially for Power Plants, and then for the Fire Alarm Industry. Through this time, the H.R. Kirkland Co Inc has researched and invested in the latest technologies for printing and punching.

  • Print direct to rigid material: Custom full color high resolution (1200 dpi) displays up to 5′ x 10′ x 2″ thick. Image is printed directly to aluminum substrates in a variety of colors or to stainless steel.
  • Print on Polycarbonate Lexan, and laminate to rigid material: Displays also can be printed to a UL rated .010 textured polycarbonate Lexan, and then laminated to .125″ aluminum panels.
  • Adhesive Lexan Display: In addition, the display can ordered in the form of an adhesive tag. Image is printed to .010 polycarbonate Lexan, then laminated using the best, most aggressive, adhesives available.
  • CNC Punched Displays: Any of the above display options can include CNC punched holes/shapes for a variety of components.
  • Apply edging to display: Edging materials are also available.
  • Mount in an Enclosure: Control panels can include enclosures as well – either standard Kirkland enclosures, Hoffman enclosures or consoles.
  • Supply – Mount – Wire components: Component wiring is available as well.