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Using the latest technologies, the H.R. Kirkland Company, Inc. manufactures the highest quality Fire Alarm Annunciators (Graphic, Directory, Backlighted, Exterior), Custom Control Panels, Jail Panels, Smoke Control Panels and Graphic Maps. Kirkland Interior and Exterior annunciators can be UL and CSFM listed, and the Smoke Panels can be UUKL listed. Toggle below for a brief product description and click on the links within each summary for details.

A Graphic Annunciator is a piece of Fire Alarm Equipment , which shows the Fire Alarm device location, within the floor layout. It provides the fireman with quick information, as the Graphic Annunciator illustrates the exact location of the alarm, thereby, increasing the Fireman’s response time. With the Graphic Annunciator, the Fireman does not have to scroll through touch screens, to find the device that has gone into alarm.

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The Firefighters Smoke Control (FSCS) panel allows a fireman to control the flow of air in a building, in a fire situation. The Smoke Control panel can have switches for the various fans and dampers within a building. It is most commonly used in high rise buildings. Accompanying the switches, there are normally status Leds, which show the position of the damper or fan switch. The Smoke Control display is most often seen depicted as a riser, showing the building levels and stairwells. The design of the FSCS is normally driven by code and/or the AHJ.

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The Directory Annunciator is used for applications where the detail of the Graphic Annunciator is not required, usually in smaller buildings. The Directory Annunciator has a grid or matrix style design. With the grid design, a Led in placed in each legend section, and is accompanied with a device location or zone clarification. Also, with the grid design, the panel can be manufactured with a blank grid, or with a printed grid. With the matrix design, the floors of the Annunciator are usually shown on the vertical axis, and the device types are shown on the horizontal axis. LEDs are provided within the matrix, where applicable.

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The Backlighted Annunciator is used for applications where the detail of the Graphic Annunciator is not required, and where it is necessary to see the alarm condition from afar. We mostly see the Backlighted Annunciator being used for Nurse Call applications. The Backlighted Annunciator has a grid style design. With the grid design, a cluster of white LEDs or incandescent lamps, are placed in each legend secton, and is accompanied with customer supplied text. In an alarm situation, the entire grid section will light up.

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An Exterior Graphic Annunciator is an Annunciator, which is mounted outside, and is most often used for applications that have a campus layout, such as apartment buildings and schools/colleges. The Exterior Graphic Annunciator can show the Fire Alarm device location, within the floor layout, or it can have one general alarm Led in each building, as is the case in a campus situation. In the campus situation, the fire truck would pull up aside the Annunciator, and know which building is in alarm, as well as how to quickly locate the building.

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The Kirkland Switchplate is a brushed stainless steel switchplate, which is available with a custom Lexan® adhesive tag. The Lexan® tags can be printed in full color, and can include text, logos, phone numbers etc.. The Lexan® tag is made of UL94VO flame retardant grade Lexan® and is printed with pigmented inks for long life. A variety of switches can be mounted on the switchplate, as well as LEDs.

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The H.R. Kirkland Company Inc. also manufactures custom control panels. Since 1930, the H.R. Kirkland Company, Inc. (Kirkland) has been providing panels initially for Power Plants, and then for the Fire Alarm Industry. Through this time, Kirkland has researched and invested in the latest technologies for printing and punching.

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The H.R. Kirkland Company, Inc. designs and manufactures custom interior and exterior Graphic Maps.

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The Kirkland Frame Kit offers seven frame colors in three different styles making it possible for you to create your own Maps at an affordable cost. Available for immediate delivery, each frame kit ships complete and assembled.

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Kirkland Adhesive Tags/Signs are produced using the highest quality UL rated flame retardant 10mil Lexan®. Each Tag/Sign is printed with pigmented inks. Laminated to each Tag/Sign is a super duty adhesive. The Lexan®, adhesive and pigmented inks assure a product which will be durable and have a long life. Our Lexan® Tags/Signs are available in an unlimited number of sizes and colors.

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Kirkland Relay Boards have DPDT—2 AMP Relays for Low Voltage applications where small size and mounting ease are required. Terminals accept up to 16AWG wire.

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