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The Directory Annunciator is used for applications where the detail of the Graphic Annunciator is not required, usually in smaller buildings. The Directory Annunciator has a grid or matrix style design. With the grid design, a Led in placed in each legend section, and is accompanied with a device location or zone clarification. Also, with the grid design, the panel can be manufactured with a blank grid, or with a printed grid. With the matrix design, the floors of the Annunciator are usually shown on the vertical axis, and the device types are shown on the horizontal axis. LEDs are provided within the matrix, where applicable.

The Directory / Matrix Annunciators are usually accompanied by a Graphic Map. Please see our Graphic Map section, for more information.

The main advantage of the Directory / Matrix Annunciator is that it is a simpler design than the Graphic Annunciator, and is less expensive.


  • Kirkland panels are qualified by the ICC Evaluation Service to ACC156 seismic criteria. OSHPD special seismic certification number is OSP-0139-10.
  • Enclosures are constructed of cold rolled steel with fully welded and grounded seams and painted with a black powder textured coat for a truly finished appearance.
  • The grid/matrix can be removed and replaced easily and quickly, and is inexpensive.
  • The best delivery of finished product in the business…guaranteed!
  • Can be mounted indoors or outdoors. Please visit the Exterior Annunciator section if your application requires mounting it in an outdoor setting.
  • Can be wired directly to fire alarm lamp driver modules or hardwired to terminals.
  • UL and CSFM listed.
  • OSHPD Special Certification No# OSP-0139-10 (RSE-GR-GP4, RSE-L-GR-GP4, RSF-GR-GP4, RSF-L-GR-GP4, RSG-GR-GP4, RSG-L-GR-GP4)



Boxes: #16 Gauge Steel with a Black Textured Finish (Standard).
Door: #16 Gauge Steel with a Black Textured Finish (Standard), or #16 Gauge Stainless Steel with a #4 Horizontal Brush upon request.
Hinge: Concealed Stainless Steel located on the left side.
Fastener: #2171 Key change lock.

Backbox Depth

Semi-Flush: 3.50″
Surface: 4.75″

The annunciator enclosure shall be constructed of cold rolled steel with welded and ground seams for a finished appearance. The backbox shall be finished with a black powder coating. The annunciator door shall have a concealed stainless steel piano hinge and shall be finished in a black powder coating or stainless steel as directed by the engineer. The door shall be secured by a key lock with no other fastener visible. All key switches shall be mounted in the door trim. The display shall be a black image on a white background. Each tabular zone shall be annunciated by means of a single light emitting diode (LED). The LEDs shall be neatly harnessed to designated terminal blocks located in the annunciator backbox. A clear front pane shall render the LEDs and the image tamperproof. The graphic annunciator shall be Underwriters Laboratories listed. The annunciator shall be manufactured by the H.R. Kirkland Co. or approved equal.


Typical Part Number

Directory pricing includes a blank .010 legend grid. Legends can
be printed by Kirkland, or customer can provide their own
legends on a clear film.

Information Required

  • Backbox Mounting:
    Surface or Semi-flush mount
  • Wiring:
    Hardwired – Please provide voltage and feed.
    Drivers – Please provide model number of FACP and driver model number
  • Grid:
    Blank Grid or Grid with printed nomenclature by Kirkland.
  • Options:
    Lamptest– Pushbutton or Key Switch
    Common Trouble– Trouble circuit to include LED, buzzer, and silence switch.
    Audible Alert– Buzzer circuit to operate from alarm inputs with common silence switch.
    Please advise if:
    Software Driven
    Hardwired with subsequent alert
    Miscellaneous Switches– Switches for customers use.  Explain or provide schematic.
    Stainless Steel Doors
    Power on LED


# of ZonesModelIndications ArrangedIndications ArrangedLegend AreaLegend AreaSemi-FlushSemi-FlushSurfaceSurfaceOverallOverall

The above list shows sample configurations. Configurations can be designed per customer’s specifications.