The H.R. Kirkland Company, Inc.
4935 Allison Street, Unit 13
Arvada, Colorado 80002

Phone: 303-422-6670
Toll Free: 800-247-2303
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Kirkland panels are now qualified by the ICC Evaluation Service to ACC156 seismic criteria!

OSHPD special seismic certification number is OSP-0139-10.

Using the latest technologies, the H.R. Kirkland Company, Inc. manufactures the highest quality Fire Alarm Annunciators (Graphic, Directory, Backlighted, Exterior), Custom Control Panels, Jail Panels, Smoke Control Panels and Graphic Maps. Kirkland Interior and Exterior annunciators can be UL and CSFM listed, and the Smoke Panels can be UUKL listed.

The Kirkland commitment to quality and service cannot be matched. We are dedicated to providing the very highest quality product, quick turnaround schedules, and ease in making future modifications.

Kirkland specializes in graphic design, using full color electronically printed displays. We design all display panels with the latest technology CAD software available. This technology allows us to take full advantage of the most sophisticated CNC manufacturing equipment. As a result, our multi-layering manufacturing process provides accuracy not seen in the industry. Modifications or upgrades can be accomplished more quickly and inexpensively, and best of all, a permanent record can be archived for future reference.

The Kirkland commitment to quality is also seen in the cabinet design. Kirkland enclosures are constructed of cold rolled steel with welded and ground seams, and finished with black powder coating. The door, also finished with a black powder coating, has a concealed piano hinge, and is secured by a key lock with no other fasteners visible.

Kirkland knows that our customers are very busy, and therefore produces all panels with the intent to minimize the technician's time and the customer's expense. Kirkland panels can be wired out to terminal blocks or can be wired to interface with the Fire Alarm drivers. When wiring for interface with drivers, we wire out to connectors (when applicable) which plug directly into the customer's driver. In addition, we will provide a backplane with studs for mounting customer drivers in a backbox.

Our products are located worldwide in many distinguished sites, including the Pepsi Center, the Shanghai Metro Stations, the White House and the Getty Center.

Show above: The Getty Center, White House and Shanghai Metro. Getty Center photo is by Scott Frances/Esto and is shown with permission of the The J. Paul Getty Trust.